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Find programs created just for you and get in touch with organizations that want to help. Then, apply. All in the Preparese app. It’s fast and free.

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One app to make applying for programs easier

No more long lines, missed phone calls, or paperwork to fill out.

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Go fast

With Preparese, you can start and finish your applications in minutes.

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Stay informed

Find out when you are approved and get notified when you need to do something.

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Do it from home

Apply on your own without losing work, school, or family time.

Explore what Preparese can do for you

Find programs available to you from organizations across the country.

$600 Relief Payment - Farm and Food Worker Relief Program

  • Recover lost wages due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

  • No matter your legal status, you can receive a pre-loaded $600 debit card to be used anywhere.

  • You don’t have to pay this back or pay taxes on it.

UFW Foundation

Nationwide (with the exception of California)
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Apply for citizenship, DACA, family petitions and more

  • Get legal counsel on immigration matters from a team of attorneys and Department of Justice accredited representatives.

  • Talk with our representatives in English, Spanish, Mixteco, or Mandarin.

  • You may qualify for free or low-cost fees.


UFW Foundation

Nationwide (with the exception of California)

Get exclusive access to benefits and discounts

  • Receive a credential card as secondary form of identification.

  • Your membership includes a $4,000 accidental death insurance benefit.

  • Membership cost only $25 annually.


UFW Foundation

Nationwide (with the exception of California)
5 star group

People love us

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You are in safe hands

You can have peace of mind knowing that it’s in the safe hands of organizations with a long history of helping immigrants and farmworkers. We’ll never share your data without your authorization.

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Have a question or need help?

Now you can reach us in new ways. Send a text message, start a private chat, or talk to us on video. We're standing by to assist you.

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Keep your documents together

With Preparese you can securely share documents with organizations right from your mobile phone. Upload your important documents and pictures once and share them as needed.

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Common Questions

Who can use the Preparese App?

The Preparese app was designed with the farm worker community in mind. Anyone with a smartphone can download the app. Preparese is currently available in Spanish and English.  With the Preparese app, you can easily connect with organizations that serve your community to access services from wherever you are.  

 Stay tuned for more services and organizations to join the Preparese app soon!

Why should I use Preparese?

With the Preparese app, you can expect the following benefits:  

  • Skip the line. No more missed phone calls, paperwork, or appointments to manage.
  • Apply on your terms and at the pace that makes sense to you. You can finish applications in minutes.
  • Get real-time updates about your applications.
  • Safely store your documents.
  • Message your service provider directly via the app.
  • Re-use the information you've entered to apply for other programs or services.
  • Stay informed about future programs/services that'll become available on the app.

How does Preparese work?

Preparese connects you with organizations that serve the farmworker community. In the Preparese App, you'll be able to find the services that each organization can provide you via the app.

We're offering one service to start, called Alivio, that will allow you to apply for a $600 COVID-19 relief payment. Stay tuned for more organizations and services!

Why should I trust Preparese?

Preparese is backed by organizations you trust and know. Led by the UFW Foundation and supported by other long-standing organizations, Preparese was developed to expand the reach and services offerings to the farm worker community nationwide. Most importantly, Preparese was built specifically for farm workers like you.

Are my personal details safe with Preparese?

Yes, your information is safe with Preparese. You have the ability to choose who you'll be sharing your information with. You'll also have the option to remove access to your information.

How do I apply for a program?

Applying for a service is easy. Follow these steps below:

  1. Download the Preparese app from the App Store or Google Play.
  2. Register your account and create your profile to begin your journey.
  3. Tap on the program you would like to apply for.
  4. Answer any questions and add your information as required.
  5. Select the organization you want to work with.
  6. Complete any remaining tasks.

Preparese and the organization you applied with will begin to work on your submission.

What types of federal aid programs are available through Preparese?

The first federal aid program we're offering is the $600 COVID-19 relief payment. In the future, you can expect to see more federal aid programs that you can apply for through Preparese.

Can I control who has access to my data?

Yes, we can assure you that we will never sell or share your information with third-party organizations. It's within your control to choose who you will be sharing your information with and when to revoke access to it.

How long does the application process take?

The length of the application process varies by organization. Please contact the organization that is processing your application to get a detailed timeline.

What about my immigration status?

Your immigration status does not matter. That is your personal information and we will never share it, or anything else, with anyone.

Your immigration status does not affect your application or eligibility. We understand that the farmworker community is diverse and we want to make sure we're offering services that are accessible to all, regardless of your immigration status.

Download Preparese

We are committed to empowering farm workers like you. Join our growing community and experience a new era of simplified service access.

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