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Preparese is
designed for you.

We built Preparese to make it fast and easy to apply for a service, access your information, and connect with us when you have a question.

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Applying for services
you need has never been faster

We know connecting with us can be a challenge. Preparese makes it fast and easy.

With Preparese, you can:

  • Access all your services through a single app.

  • Easily apply for services you need.

  • Submit all required documentation with a few taps.

  • Track your progress live and see your history.

  • Safely store your important documents for later use.

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How it Works

Download the app and personalize it.

Set a pin to keep your app safe. Set your language preference (English or Spanish).

Select the service you'd like to access.

Connect with the organization providing the service.

Create your profile

We only ask for relevant information needed in order to make services available to you.

Submit required documentation

Take pictures of requested documents and upload them with a few taps.

Wait for a decision

Our team will review your application and make a final decision.

Receive benefit

We'll mail you the $600 relief payment in a debit card.

Check back for more services!

This is just the start. We'll be launching additional services soon!

A single place for all of the things we need from you.

Skip the wait time

Apply from anywhere.

With Preparese, you can communicate with us directly on the app without the need to attend in person or wait on the phone.

Screenshot of Documents service on the Preparese App

Upload it once and share as needed

Store and share
your documents.

Documents are constantly requested. Keep all your important documents safe in one place. You'll have your documents handy for submission next time you need to apply for another service.

New services and organizations

This is just the beginning.

You'll soon be able to access membership services, immigration services, and more, all in one app. Stay tuned for more updates to come!

More Benefits

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No more registration form

Register on your mobile phone and skip repetitive paper forms.

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No more passwords

Set a pin for unlocking the app to keep your information safe, making login frustrations a thing of the past.

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Communicate with us

No more waiting on the phone for the next available staff member. Reach us via chat, text message, or video.

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Get notified

Stay in the loop with real-time notifications. We'll give you a heads up if we need more info or if there's a change to your application.

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Track your progress

Monitor your application status effortlessly with just a few taps. Skip the phone calls and stay updated at any time.

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No spamming

Rest assured, we prioritize a spam-free experience for you. Your inbox is safe with us – no spam, only relevant updates.

Download Preparese

We are committed to empowering farm workers like you. Join our growing community and experience a new era of simplified service access.

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