Our Mission

We built Preparese to connect you with the organizations you trust and the services they offer, while respecting your privacy.

Connecting Farmworkers
to Services.

We make it easy to connect with organizations that offer services you are looking for.

For Farm workers

Preparese simplifies your life by bringing our services to your fingertips.

No more wasting time and energy. Imagine if you didn't have to:

  • Give up time away from work, school, or family.

  • Wait in long lines.

  • Settle for an inconvenient appointment.

  • Struggle with finding transportation, parking, or directions to an event.

  • Fill out long registration forms by hand.

  • Carry around sensitive paperwork that could be lost or stolen.

  • Figure out how to get a hold of someone when you have a question.

  • Wait for someone to update you on the status of your application.

  • Remember all the required deadlines.

With Preparese, you can free yourself from these troubles and take charge. Now you can apply for services quickly, easily, and safely from home.

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For Service Providers

Bring your vision of a digital community to life.

You see the potential of digitization to boost your organization’s performance and impact. You aim to engage the community, automate your workflows, and broaden your scope. Your community also demands it, as they are more connected online. How do you get over the barriers you face?

Get started with Preparese. Preparese is an innovative and cost-efficient way to digitally transform your organization so that you can provide your services to the community members where they are.

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You want to:
It’s too expensive
It's too daunting
It's too difficult
You are unsure of the ROI
You are unsure if you can demonstrate the ROI
You don't have a presence
You don't know how
You don't know where to start
You have concerns about security and privacy
You have limited resources
You lack funding for technology initatives
Your community is not engaged
Your current processes are too inefficient
Your current processes are too ingrained to change
Your current processes are too manual to change
Your team lacks a digital mindset
Your team lacks a digital skillset
Your team will resist the change
It’s too expensive
So your community members:
Go elsewhere
Get frustrated
Forego the benefit
Get denied the benefit
Reduce engagement
Reduce participation
Reduce donations
Go elsewhere
For Donors

A smart solution for outcome measurement

Preparese enables social impact organizations to digitally transform and showcase their impact, while allowing you to evaluate the efficiency of your funding. With Preparese, you can trust that that the organizations you support are:

  • Able to demonstrate the impact of your aligned goals

  • Moving towards long-term financial sustainability

  • Prepared to handle ever-changing situations

  • Focused on the right strategic objectives

Solving these challenges requires effective communication, collaboration, and a common vision for impactful outcomes.  Preparese can help.

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For Developers

The internet was built without a digital identity layer. Preparese is addressing that oversight.

Today’s digital identity approach is ruining the customer experience.

  • We have too many accounts to create and manage

  • Our data is over-collected and over-shared

  • We are persistently tracked and correlated

  • Our data is siloed and not interoperable in the places we want it to be

  • Data verification is too slow

We’re working to lower this friction and enhance security and privacy with a decentralized digital identity model built on the principles of self-sovereign identity (SSI). It lets people, organizations, and objects own, manage, and control their digital credentials, just like in the real world. Distributed ledgers, cryptography, and open standards are some of its super-powers.  It’s an emerging technology rapidly heading towards interoperable and non-proprietary protocols and it presents a massive greenfield opportunity for developers to contribute to its adoption. Want to help? Click below to learn more about the project and join the community.  

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Download Preparese

We are committed to empowering farm workers like you. Join our growing community and experience a new era of simplified service access.

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