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Transforming social impact for financial independence.

Preparese is a digital transformation platform that helps social impact organizations maximize their impact and reach financial independence sooner.

What is Preparese?

Preparese is a comprehensive platform that allows social impact organizations to bring their missions to the community members they serve, wherever they are. It changes how organizations operate and deliver value to their stakeholders.

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Infrastructure Layer Conversion

Swift transformation of manual services to digital

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Intuitive Mobile Access

Community members access services through a user-friendly mobile app.

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Digital Service Delivery

Seamless transition to delightful digital service offerings.

“Preperase is more than that. It is designed for social impact organizations to thrive within ecosystems of like-minded organizations all serving the same community members.”

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Transforms digital experiences

Prioritizing data control, privacy, and parity for trust
and collaboration.

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Innovates digital transformation

Emphasizing data control, privacy, and parity for trust
and collaboration.

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Prioritizes community members

Ensuring data control, privacy, and parity for trust and collaboration in digital transformation.

Organizational ecosystem

Joining an organizational ecosystem simplifies the path to digital transformation, de-risking the process with proven building blocks. Cost sharing ensures affordability by distributing development and infrastructure costs. Participants benefit from a self-determinant environment through agreed-upon governance policies, fostering collaboration and effective oversight. In essence, it's a strategic, cost-efficient, and collectively governed approach to organizational participation.

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Simplified Onboarding

It de-risks the high hurdle of initiating a digital transformation by allowing organizations to get started with pre-existing building blocks, processes, and patterns that have been proven by others.

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Collective Governance

It allows the participants to be self-determinant through collectively agreed upon governance policies that guide how organizations participate, set appropriate business models, and provide oversight and enforcement.

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Cost Sharing

It lowers the overall costs of participation by sharing start-up development andongoing infrastructure costs that would otherwise be prohibitive.

Preparese Features and Pillars

How does the ecosystem work?

Preparese is an identity management architecture. It provides an online digital identity to community members in a way that is not available on the internet right now. Today, our digital identities are effectively an endless count of logins and passwords to hundreds of websites, all of which are comprised of repetitive and tedious forms onto which users overshare data for the benefit of the company holding this account. It has created a host of well-known problems beyond bad experiences such as security and privacy.

The Identity Management Architecture

Say goodbye to endless logins and passwords scattered across the internet. Preparese provides a unique online digital identity for community members, addressing security and privacy concerns prevalent in the current digital realm.

Digital Credentials: Your Online Passport

Experience the future of online participation with digital credentials. Similar to physical credentials, like passports and driver's licenses, our digital credentials empower community members to engage seamlessly in the online world.

Verified Credentials for Secure Interactions

Organizations within the ecosystem issue verified credentials to community members, containing verified attributes. Stored in the Preparese digital wallet, these credentials allow selective disclosure, streamlining interactions and reducing backend verification costs.

Efficiency and Control in Ecosystem Interactions

Save time and money with Preparese. Organizations benefit from reduced verification costs, ensuring easy onboarding, enhanced experiences, and secure connections with community members.

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Empowering Community Members

Regain control over your data. Preparese allows community members to share only necessary information, preventing data over-collection, user tracking, and correlation. Verified credentials provide convenience, eliminating the need for repetitive registration forms.

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Built on Standards: Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI)

Preparese adheres to industry standards and self-sovereign identity principles, ensuring a secure and reliable digital identity solution. For a deeper dive into the technical aspects, explore more.

How Preparese Can Prepare Social Impact Organizations for the Next Disruptive Change?

Digital transformation is more than upgrading technology infrastructure, it is also about equipping social impact organizations for the next unpredictable disruptive change that demands more from them.
The events of the last few years have taught us some valuable lessons, such as:

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Organizations must innovate and adapt quickly to changing needs and opportunities, at a faster pace than ever before.

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Virtual services and offerings are essential for reaching and serving more people with less resources.

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Community members are already online and expect your service to mee them where they are. They use mobile devices, social media, and other platforms to communicate, and are demanding more from providers.

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Community members are organization-agnostic. They will seek out the providers that best suit their local and immediate needs.

Preparese is a platform that helps social impact organizations achieve sustainability.

With Preparese, they can:

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Modernize their operations:

Digitizing services with Preparese expands reach and efficiency by automating tasks and eliminating paper-based errors.

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Create new revenue streams:

Monetize digital services by white-labeling and offering them to similar organizations, generating a return on investment and creating mutual benefits.

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Retain community members for the long-term:

Preparese's two-way communication helps retain community members by facilitating easy interactions, problem-solving, and feedback, enhancing engagement and satisfaction.

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Enhance collaboration with similar organizations:

Partner with like-minded organizations using Preparese to access new markets and coordinate efforts, leveraging each other's strengths.

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Be data informed:

Use Preparese for data-driven insights on performance, high-impact activities, and areas for efficiency and effectiveness improvement, aiding in strategic optimization.

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A Path to Financial Sustainability for Organizations:

Preparese is a platform that enables organizations to achieve financial sustainability and maximize their mission and vision.

Download Preparese

We are committed to empowering farm workers like you. Join our growing community and experience a new era of simplified service access.

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