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For Providers

Preparese is your bridge to the people you bring your mission to.

Helping farm worker organizations like yours form meaningful connections with the people you serve and those you want to reach.

Introduction to Preparese

Preparese is dedicated to aiding organizations like yours in embracing digital transformation. Our goal is to enhance your connection with the community you serve and extend your reach to new audiences. Digital transformation can be a complex journey, but with Preparese, you're not alone.

Ease of Digital Transformation

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Simplify with Software:

Digitally transforming your organization doesn’t have to be hard. While manual processes can be cumbersome, Preparese makes the digital transition smooth and straightforward.

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Customized Solutions:

Preparese isn’t a one-size-fits-all tool. It’s tailored to meet the specific needs of your organization and the community you serve, solving hard work with innovative software solutions.

Why Preparese

With Preparese

Staff can focus on applicants who need assistance

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Clients can apply from wherever they are, on their phone

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Applicants can submit documents on their own, at their own time

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Client communication can be done via the app

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Applicants can check their status at any time on the app

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Clients can re-use previously provided information to apply to new programs or services

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Why Choose Preparese?

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Digitization for Growth:

We understand your vision to digitize and streamline operations, helping your organization grow and connect more profoundly with your community.

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Tech Simplified:

Technology can be daunting, but Preparese makes the start less intimidating, guiding providers every step of the way.

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Software Platform Benefits:

Our platform allows social impact organizations to digitize services rapidly, fostering innovation, productivity, and trust within the community.

“You can’t truly scale if you are just digitizing your processes and operations. That’s just a linear improvement. To scale, you need to incorporate the end user”

Preparese automates your staff workflow by 10x

Preparese Features and Pillars

Community at the Core

The farm worker community is at the center of everything we do, with a focus on three foundational pillars:

Community-Centric Design

  • Transform passive participants into active collaborators, enabling them to engage with services at their convenience.

  • Offer varied communication channels like chat and video, along with proactive content, to facilitate easier interactions.

  • Keep community members informed of their status with automated notifications and app-based updates.

Data Control and Privacy

  • Privacy by Design: Collect only essential data, empowering community members to share what they feel comfortable with.

Frictionless Experience:

  • Beyond Digital Aesthetics: Our focus extends beyond just the visual aspect of digital experiences, emphasizing ease of use and data management.

Ease of Digital Transformation

Today’s Challenges:

Cumbersome Digital Identities:

Addressing the pitfalls of managing numerous usernames, passwords, and profiles.

Data Security Concerns:

Tackling issues like data hacks, loss of control, and privacy violations.

Preparese’s Solution:

Digital Identity and Verifiable Credentials:

Simplifying interactions by using emerging cryptographic technologies.

Effortless Interactions:

Providing a digital wallet for community members to store and reuse trusted information.

and more...

Ecosystem Advantages

  • Seamless Integration: Facilitate interactions within an ecosystem, allowing for easy data verification between organizations.

  • User Experience and Security: Enhance security, reduce repetitive registrations, and improve overall customer experiences.

Organizational Benefits

  • Fast Implementation: Utilize existing applications for quick setup.

  • Shared Costs and Risks: Benefit from shared expenses and reduced risks.

  • New Market Opportunities: Explore new markets and revenue streams through flexible business models.

Additional Preparese Advantages

  • Loaded with Key Features: Chat, video, notifications, and multilingual support.

  • User-Tested Experience: Continuously improved user interface for better engagement.

  • Strategic Insights: Gain valuable data insights for informed strategic decisions.

Transforming Barriers into Opportunities:

Turning Challenges into Wins with Preparese

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Ease of Access

Let community members skip phone queues and apply when ready, clearing up busy lines for self-service.

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Make program applications available on mobile devices, at any time, avoiding unnecessary office trips.

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Efficient Data Collection

Move from manual forms to electronic data collection, centralizing records for efficiency.

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Secure Document Storage

Provide a secure digital space for important documents, simplifying submission and offering peace of mind.

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Eliminate Travel Hassles

Remove the need for in-person appointments, easing the burden on community members.

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Real-Time Updates

Keep community members informed about their application status, reducing uncertainty.

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Deadline Reminders

Inform community members about program requirements and deadlines, reducing cognitive load.

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Accessible Communication

Facilitate easy contact with built-in chat and video call features, improving accessibility and interaction.

Download Preparese

We are committed to empowering farm workers like you. Join our growing community and experience a new era of simplified service access.

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